Before your New Year’s resolutions

At this time of year we start to think about making yet another¬†New Years’s resolution. Did your 2013 come true? Did you stick to it? If your answer is no you are not alone.

Many people find that not only do their resolutions fall by the wayside but find it hard to remember them clearly. That is the clue to the problem, and thus the answer.

What is the core reason for the resolution?

The better defined a goal, yes a resolution is really another name for a goal, the better the chance you have of achieving it. And that goes to the very heart of this blog, achieving what you set your mind to. Setting a clearly defined goal requires a core belief and understanding of why you have set the goal in the first place.

Think hard, have a clear understanding of what you art aiming for, define it as a goal, set a time farm and a path and you are set.

Welcome to the New Year and a New You !

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

All projects start somewhere. An email to a friend, a few ‘back of the envelope notes’ made over lunch or a voice memo. They all mean that you’ve taken that first all important first step. Stop and congratulate yourself. Does that sound silly? If it does, then you may be headed for a crash … “What me?” you ask, Yes, You!!

Here’s the logic. If you can’t admit that its a good first step [more on that in a later post], then how are you going to handle the inevitable criticisms from well wishers and naysayers. We all have them in our circle. We don’t ask them for advice or include them in decisions, but still they show up. Only a determined, resolute and confident response will put their comments in perspective. That is where the congratulations comes in. ‘Celebrate All Victories’ is one of my favorite sayings from Blair Singer. He has, what I believe, is a good handle on Team Building [more on that later as well].

So go ahead; Shout Out Loud “YEAH I DID IT !!!” Remember it, treasure it and do it often. You may need it later ….

Quality Manager